Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toyota Anti-Counterfiet, Old Mutual Unit Trusts Campaigns Break

One of the Old Mutual Unit Trusts ads by Jericho Advertising

One of the Toyota Zimbabwe anti-counterfeit campaign ads. The campaign broke on Tuesday, 28 June and has been well-received by the market

Two campaigns by Jericho Advertising have now broken in Zimbabwean print media.

The Toyota anti-counterfeit campaign seeks to highlight the dangers of using non-genuine parts in Toyota vehicles. Although the fake parts may look like the real thing, they will prove to be a costly, short0-term fix, meaning that the consumer ends up paying more to replace parts that repeatedly fail.

Jericho Advertising, in conjunction with Carla Varga, Sales and Marketing Manager at Toyota Zimbabwe, came up with a campaign whose premise is that these fake parts will come back to bite those who buy them.

This concept is illustrated by various biting and stinging animals incorporated into the car spare parts: a fan belt that turns into a snake, a crocodile with spark plugs for teeth....and so on.

The second campaign, the Old Mutual Unit Trusts campaign, seeks to relaunch the concept of unit trusts and position Old Mutual Unit Trusts as the authority on this very simple and popular investment.

Anchored in the Old Mutual pay-off line, Do Great Things, the campaign consists of a series of ads reflecting the various things people could invest for from as little as US$10 per month.

When the campaign broke on Tuesday 28 June 2011, the reaction was spectacular, with client informing Jericho that there was literally no rest at the OMUT offices as they fielded calls from people clamouring to invest in Old Mutual Unit Trusts.

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